Part Time Diploma Course in Acting

  • - Duration: 3 Months
  • - No of Sessions: 72
  • - Total Seats: 20
  • - Age Criteria: 10 years and above
  • - Schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri & Tue, Thu, Sat
  • - Timings : 5pm-7pm
  • - Venue: Office No. 205,2nd Floor, D Mall,Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi 110034 India
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Learn Acting To Be An Actor

Our Part-time Acting Diploma Courses in Delhi are developed and designed to sharpen your acting skills and give you a hands-on experience to work with some of the prominent figures of the film industry.

Skywalk acting diploma programs encompass the most up-to- date techniques and methodologies that have proved to be empowering and inspiring. Apart from theory and jargon, our diploma program will train you through a progressive series of exceptional exercises and projects. The Acting Diploma Courses in Delhi are carefully tailored to provide students with a mature level of vocal, physical, mental and emotional skills which help lay the solid foundation for a successful career. The Skywalk Part-Time Acting Courses are rigorous and intensive, demanding a high level of commitment, energy and perseverance. So, if you dream of making an entry into films, television or theatre, join our courses today!

Course Opportunities

The extensive variety of physical and vocal activities that improve adaptability and control, the significance in the course have drama,theatre,status exercise,solo work,script reading and filmed scene tasks utilizing global procedures, finishing in a multi-week film acting module. This important session will set up the understudy for the present reality of film and TV acting.

Chance to work as an Actor in films.

Chance to work as a lead in serials.

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Chance to work with Bollywood Celebrities

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Course Structure

The admissions into our prestigious acting school are generally finalized through a session of auditions and an interview. Auditions at the institute in general include two rounds of talent analysis.


Skywalk Acting Institute teaches all kinds of methodologies, which will help in learning understanding and expertise in acting field.This module includes traditional,classical , modern acting i.e. method acting or realistic form of acting and the post-modern, i.e. contemporary methodologies, to comprehend the basics more efficiently. Each of these unique modules has its own importance which the students will study, understand and relate with to become a professional actor in bollywood industry.


It is another important factor to focus on your mind tranquility which compliments the body’s tranquility. Through Yoga, we endeavor to get comfort and bring discipline in the execution of a performing artist.Yoga increases mind and body strength which allows to learn perform and deliver the best from inside of an actor.


It is internationally said that dance is one of the best craftsmanship which brings out articulation. Move is about vitality, articulation, imagination, rhythm and tune which is of foremost significance in an on-screen character’s execution.It gives the body flexibility strength and fitness to show the actions more accurately.


Voice is the biggest weapon for any on-screen character. In voice classes here, understudies are shown that how extraordinary voice modulations cause distinctive expressions in execution. Speech again being extremely important, is actually educated here remembering impeccable correspondence, verbalization for effective dialogue delivery.


Students will be awarded an acting portfolio spelling out the videos and photos of their performances during the course and also acting showreel. This portfolio would act as a Bible for our aspirants and would be the final face of their training.


This is one of the most important factor in acting career.Like a pair of scissors is to a barber, similarly the body is to an actor. The body of an actor is like the pillar on which his/her expressions and emotions rest in front of the camera. Through the body the actor puts forth elements like body language, postures, rhythm, movements and momentum.An actor to become a professional it is important to focus on every aspect and parameter of industry standards.


This module is basically to enable students to be able to analyse films and cinema and be critical about them. This would help them to frame a bent of mind towards whichever film they are watching.


Acting is all about observing. These classroom sessions are all about showcasing particular scenes and trying to discuss about the finest of details in them.


There would be guest lectures by renowned artists in the industry who are veterans in their own field. Directors, producers, writers etc would come and consult the students.


This special session is conducted by some of the greatest industry figures, and the objective of this session is to expose students to the realities and the current scenarios of the industry. Veterans would bring in front what is the need of the hour for aspiring actors, what is it that the industry demands from them and how best they can groom themselves and evolve as fine actors.


Dangerous stunts has now become an integral part of almost every film. Students are trained in martial arts here to be real heroes of the role assigned to them.

Why you should do this Diploma Course from Skywalk Acting Institute

The admissions into our prestigious acting school are generally finalized through a session of auditions and an interview. Auditions at the institute in general include two rounds of talent analysis.

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